DIY Furniture Repair: Making the Most of Your Wood Glue

Wood glue is an excellent tool to keep on-hand. The cheap material can aid with a variety of small, DIY projects for fixing up furniture around the house. Unfortunately, not all wood glue is created equal, and some items are too heavy for the glue to do its job. We have a tip for making a stronger glue to strengthen your piece. This trick is incredibly simple: wood glue and sawdust. You need three items to make the mixture:


  • Wood Glue
  • Sawdust
  • Sandpaper


Use a piece of 120-180 grit sandpaper to remove any old glue and dirt left in the areas you plan to attach. Do not sand anything else on the piece—this will result in removing the original stain. After sanding the areas to be glued, remove all excess dirt and sand dust with a damp paper towel. Once the area is clean, you are ready to make a batch of super super glue.


Mix sawdust with wood glue and ensure there is more wood than glue in the mixture. If you’re unsure of where to get sawdust, a local hardware store can help you out. If you have a power drill and some scrap wood, simply drill a few holes into the material and voila, you have sawdust.


Once the mixture is made, apply a small amount of glue to the areas that will join together. Attach the parts and secure with a clamp. Allow the glue to cure for at least one hour, then stand the furniture up straight to make the piece level with the ground. Allow the piece to stand for at least 24 hours.


Once the glue mixture has completely dried, your furniture will be both sturdier and more durable than if you had used regular wood glue.