New Vintage Design for Your Home and Furniture

A New Vintage design is a design inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s, inspired by those years but still contemporary and fresh looking. There are various ways to decorate your home in New Vintage design: wallpaper with colorful designs, objects and furniture with rounded shapes, abstract art, big lamps, low sofas and armchair with wood and tissue. The New Vintage design is a mix of what characterizes the 50s, 60s and 70s, but with a contemporary touch. This is a wonderful example of a vintage sofa, use it in a contemporary decor with maybe one or two vintage accessory and you have a nicelooking New Vintage room. 


Vintage Fuchsia – This style is particularly suitable for kitchen and bathrooms, but of course you might pick up some ideas to design the rest of your home. You will like the New Vintage design if you like united colors, the shiny of chromium and bright colors. 


Accessories in New Vintage Design – There are plenty of accessories you can use to create a New Vintage design, such as: wall canvas inspired by Pop art or representing an old movie or actor, ancient phone, ancient radio, chromed toaster. For example, that printed canvas of Marilyn Monroe would fit perfectly in that design. To find those objects, you might visit your attic, your grandmother basement, and some interior design stores will offer this kind of stuff. Also, remember to not overuse those objects, the objective is to create a quick return in the past, not to leave the impression the design is old. 


Dose properly old objects – Use the ancient objects in a contemporary decor. Retro patterns used in a trivial decor will create a dynamic look. Ancient object should be used with moderation, if you use too much of ancient object or retro decor, your home will look old or people will think you are a collector. 


The choice of color for a great New Vintage design – Yellow, fuchsia, pink are colors that define the 50s, chromed stuff will remind you of a juke-box. For your floor, you can use a black and white plaid design, yellow and white or red and white are also great colors to create a New Vintage design on your floor. It will remind you the floors of the 50s; you know the kind of floor used in movies when the action is in a restaurant from the 50s! 


Where you should use the New Vintage design?
New Vintage design is particularly appropriate for a kitchen. In the kitchen you could use a small round table with some vintage chairs. You can see plenty of the vintage object in this picture, but as you can see there is way too much of vintage object in this picture and it looks more like a cheesy vintage design. 


Vintage Kitchen
So remember that a nice looking New Vintage design is made with some vintage decorative elements and also some more contemporary elements. It’s up to you if you want to make your room more vintage or more contemporary, but always remember that especially for this type of design, balance is everything.