Components of a Couch 

Couches don’t emerge from manufacturers fully formed. They require meticulous planning and careful material sourcing, often undergoing compression strength tests. They can also have several levels of support – anything from double dowels to superglue. Whether you’re interested in building your own couch or just want to know more about their construction, here is a brief but thorough detail of what exactly goes into your couch. 


Frame and Structure – The frame is essentially the body of the couch. It’s usually made of wood, but it can also be made of steel, plastic, or laminated boards. The frame will determine the structure of your couch – how long it is, how deep it is, and whether it has arm rests. It’s often the most identifiable part of the furniture.  


The Legs – Most quality upholstered furniture manufacturers today offer the convenience of removable legs. Whether they are removable or static, legs are often made of hard, durable wood. If extra support is needed, a metal fitting for the leg can be inserted into the hardwood frame. The legs are generally attached to the frame by screwing a high-strength steel bolt into the fitting.  


The Inner Springs – As a standard, many couch manufacturers will use 14 to 16 eightgauge tempered steel sinuous S springs, double tied with sixteengauge wire for durability, double the amount of lesser quality sofas. As an option, eight-way hand-tied springs can also be available for select frames. 


The Soft Padding – The interior and exterior surfaces of frames can be thickly padded to enhance the comfort, shape, and styling while protecting the fabric from the hard edges of the frame. We suggest you feel the frame to make sure that substantial padding has been layered between the fabric and the wood frame. 


The Seat Cushions – The standard seat cushion is made with polyurethane foam, but some luxury options offer a combination of foam and feathers. This option can help the softness of down retain more of its original shape and reduce moisture retention.  


The Back Pillows – Back and throw pillows are individually filled with siliconized polyester, a product that closely resembles down fill in softness. As an option, Down Blend pillows are also available. 


The Touch of Fabric – Some fabrics that look durable enough for upholstered furniture are not. Fabrics are generally carefully chosen for quality, beauty and durability. New and varied fabrics are added each season, so if you want something in vogue, be sure to stay on top of trends.