DIY Furniture Repair: Fixing a Saggy Sofa

Moving is a drag – that much we know. What makes it worse is when you realize that a piece of furniture needs to be repaired after the fact. If you already spent most of your funds, chances are that you will find yourself in an unfavorable set of circumstances. Luckily, there are plenty of Do-It-Yourself guides for furniture repair. Sofas, for instance, are quick and easy to repair if you know where to start.

Zip Ties – Surprised? You are probably not alone. It is incredibly simple to fix a saggy sofa for less than $20. First, you need to buy the zip ties. We recommend that you look for zip ties that are 11 inches long. There are 100-pack zip ties available for about $8. If you buy 1.5 bags, it will be enough for a regular-sized sofa. Next, remove the bottom batting or fabric. It is important that you inspect the springs to make sure that they are not broken. Next, zip tie the S springs around the wooden frame. That is the top and bottom of each S spring. Finally, start zip tying one side. Once the side is complete, tie diagonally the full width across. It is hard to go wrong with such an affordable option.

Polyester Fiberfill – Cushions are easy for anyone to fix at home. Once you know the cushions are the issue, simply add replacement filling and batting to them. The repairing process for any cushion will vary depending on the type of filling. You can use polyester fiberfill when repairing cushions with loose filling. Fiberfill offers support and simultaneously fixes the sagging problem.

Quilt Batting – A super useful option for the winter months, right? Another alternative approach if your cushions need firming or they have lost their shape is quilt batting. Go ahead and simply wrap quilt batting around the cushions. There is a good chance that you have the material if you are prone to starting sewing or quilting projects.

Full-Foam Padding – We all want a “just like new” couch appearance. It is even better when we can achieve it without spending a small fortune. When you consider your options, take a good look at full-foam padding. You will find that the padding lasts longer than other materials. Best of all, you can complete the project in a reasonable amount of time.