Noteworthy Furniture Trends for 2021

We know what’s on your mind since it is on ours as well. You cannot help but wonder about 2021’s furniture trends and how your decorative touch has measured up so far. Keeping an eye on trends is always worthwhile. By keeping a pulse on what is hot, it keeps a calculated tradition in place. That tradition, as it were, involves finding new favorite items based on current favorites. So, we saved you some time and broke down below some noteworthy trends in 2021 furniture.

Color Pop Furniture – Everyone loves a good statement piece. Whether it is for clothes or furniture, a pop of color can go a long way. It is easier than ever to make it happen as well. Manufacturers offer consumers bespoke color choices. The style is a great way to update an outdated room in the house. A particularly daring decorator may select large items, such as a sofa or cabinet. Then, you can choose colors that contrast with the room’s main scheme.

Vintage Piece – Some items never go out of style – and we love that! Consider decorating your space with a vintage piece, or maybe even a salvaged or retro item. Sustainability is always on our minds these days. So, is it any surprise that this trend is making the rounds again? We are certainly glad when we see a piece that means something to the buyer.

Green Cabinets – Designers were quick to note in the past few months that green cabinets offer great potential. Homeowners looking to add a splash of drama to their kitchen space should consider the popular color choice for their cabinets. If you choose a lighter shade or a darker shade, you will be in good decorative company.

Industrial Styling – You read that right. The seemingly burgeoning trend relates back to the rise in people staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. If you are looking to include these elements in your home, consider exposed stonework and high ceilings. Other ways to introduce the style is finding wood and metal elements, as well as bringing in neutral colors.

We are still early into 2021, but there are a lot of exciting trends to watch. Do not worry if you are feeling overwhelmed, though. It’s never a bad idea to create a file of photos or a Pinterest board to keep track of trends and what catches your eye.