Our Favorite Furniture Trends of 2018

Just several months into 2018, fashion, style, and design magazines have already begun publishing favorite furniture trends for the year. Though it may seem silly—we are, after all, less than a dozen weeks into the year—these projections are very important for the industry. Though wooden furniture is timeless, we like to monitor specific trends to gauge how much sourcing we should do early in the year. In checking up on these trends, we tend to develop a few favorites. Below, we have listed our preferred trends for 2018 furniture.

Dark woods. This one pertains to our business. In 2018, we are seeing consumers and designers stepping away from the pale, bleached woods of 2016 and 2017. Popularized by America’s obsession with Scandanavian design, these woods are beginning to lose their trend-making status. In 2018, darker wood tones are beginning to bubble to the surface, signifying a shift toward a new, modern luxe.

Turning global. Whether it’s a pattern or a decorative pot, globalism and travel are beginning to leave a noticeable impression on home and furniture design. Ochre features, global-inspired prints, and new materials and textiles will change everything from carpets and upholstery to coffee tables and kitchen stools.

Visibly handmade. Texture is going to be very important in 2018, and the trend toward buying local and handmade is bolstering the trend. Wicker takes center-stage in the furniture world—an interesting choice after the boost of minimalist designs in recent years. For wall and hanging decorations, macramé, of all things, is making a comeback.

Metallic touches. Metallic accessories and furniture is nothing new. However, 2018 is marking a digression from the popular copper and rose gold; instead, consumers are opting for brass and stainless steel. They add a luxurious finish to any piece of furniture, and they can set the style of a room with just a few small details.